September 9, 2010

Beards & Buttons

Today I was thinking about the Hubs. 
Some ask me "When is he going to shave?" To which I reply... "Hmmm, I don't really know."
I love Jasha's beard, but I also love when he is clean cut. 
It is crazy though how much a shave can change a man. 
This is Jasha currently (obviously illustrating a point to me to which now that I think about I don't remember what it was... prob because I was thinking he is so gosh darn handsome): 

& This was Jasha back in March: 

So Ladies I was just wondering 
which way do you swoon...
Beard or No Beard?

I'll tell you I could go either way, it really doesn't matter to me.
What does matter to me is I wish my hair 
grew as fast as his beard does.
Man I miss my long locks.
Here is a picture of my longer hair in our engagement pictures... 

& Here is my hair now...
To which I say: Grow Hair Grow!

Also, my big sister Elena at Adventures as an Adult
made me some awesome new blog buttons. Please free feel to take them & stop by her blog and & leave some love.


  1. Take your vitamins my love and your hair will grow faster!! : )) and to beard or no beard. . . i am a no beard fan, but joshua does look distinguished with his. lol. love you!

  2. As for me, I've decided that I'm neither a big beard person nor a clean shaven person. I like the nice in between stages. The scruffy stages. That's how I swoon. :-)

  3. Gosh you are so pretty! I love your hair both ways. I always cut my hair because it gets to this awkward stage and I'm bored with it and want it short but then after all I want is for it to grow back out. I am a beard person! Trey usually has a short beard or just a bunch of facial scruff.

  4. 1. He needs to keep the beard...
    2. You're beautiful either way... but I did love your long locks :)

  5. I am trying to get my hair to grow, too! Here is to long locks!

    I love when my husband looks all scruffy. I beg him not to shave. : )

  6. Kirsten- youre such a little nurse! I take my vitamins dailllllly! (but only have so for a month now)

    Lauren- The scruff is very attractive I agree.

    Kate- You are tooo kind! I have been tempted many times to cut during awkwardness... & yeah I do love his beard, and how he plays with it.

    Missy- I love you, you know that... ps our beaus look alike & its fun.

    Mandy- Here Here! or is it Hear Hear! Anyways to long locks!!

  7. Got the new button. :)

  8. Thanks so much Missy, you're awesome! :)

  9. My husband has a beard and I looove it.
    He's only shaved it off two or three times in the whole time we've known each other and...well, I'm happy it grew back as fast as it did. ;-)

    And I'm hoping for my hair to grow too! I cut it short about two years ago, after we were married. It was fun while it lasted, but I'm ready for a change. It feels like it's taking forever to grow though!

  10. My fiance has always had a beard...and I love it! In fact, when he gets annoyed with me he teases me by threatening to shave it before our wedding. Ha.

    LOVE your blog. Can't wait to read more. =)


    All this is Grace and Charm