September 10, 2010

Esty Love & Prayer Request

I'm sure most of you already know of Etsy,
 and thus are aware of the insane treasure trove of goodies it can contain.
Here are a few items I've had my little eye on recently.

 These awesome boots from Rocky Mountain Retro 
If only there were my size I'd be buying these beauts.

 I love these framed bird pictures, so in tune with the nature side of me: 

1) Love the owls 2) Love Embroidery 

Okay, who didn't love Pride & Prejudice?
This Proposal towel from Mr. Darcy makes me want to see the movie again and again.

I love, love, love these bookends. 

& Finally
These are the most adorable thermos. I want them for Jasha's and my lunch boxes stat. 
Vintage Surplus

Also, all last night I had a migraine, and unfortunately after a few hours of rest...
I woke up and its still here.

On top of that, my husband's car (a realllly old jetta, we call Tobias)
 refused to start
this morning, and Jasha had to take my car
(which now I can't go to a project meeting far away I needed to attend)
Please pray if you don't mind for healing, and for Tobias to quit being a grump & start.


  1. Ooh! Those things are lovely indeed! (You can definitely make those bookends yourself, though--very easy!)

  2. Ok, I love all your Etsy finds, alot!!
    Sorry about your migraine...those are the worst. I had one last week that lasted way too long too...Hope you feel better soon :)

  3. thanks so much for the sweet comment on my blog! yours is adorable too, and im def stealing a button! i live in bandera, only 2 hours away from you! i love austin! you and your hubby are adorable, and i vote for the beard :)

  4. Just found your cute blog!
    I'm a huge Pride and Prjudice fan!
    Maybe I will watch it tonight.

  5. I LOVE Pride and Prejudice. I don't think I could count the times I've seen it.
    You are way too cute.
    I'm sorry about your migraine. Those are no fun. :[
    And I got your button. :] yay.

  6. LRC- Really Im going to google that for sure!

    Jamie- Yeah they are horrid, Ive actually had chronic ones for 11 years now.. I think its about time for an MRI. Even though it sucks others have migraines it makes me feel like you can level with each other on the pain.. I hope you stay migraine free as well!

    Violet Bella- Awe thanks so much to you too, and actually we live closer bc Im currently in Kyle, but we more to Virginia in Jan.

    Amylou- Thanks so much for following!

    Bebe Bird Beck- I know its one of my favs! Thanks so much for the prayers seriously, it has def died done, yet still lingers, and thanks soooo much for taking the button! I appreciate it!
    PS- I know I read your name in your blog, but tell me again..that way we are legit blog friends :)

  7. I'm so glad it has died down!
    My name is Amber. :] Amber Beck.
    Now we are definitely legit. :]

  8. amaaazing boots! Also, I HATE when migraines last forever, that happens to me often :(